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TAPUCATE (formerly AndroClass) is a professional app for teachers to help them manage all the information of their classes, students, grades, … Easily keep track of grades, exams, assignments, attendance, … of your students! AndoClass is intuitive to use and widely customizable! TAPUCATE is designed for efficiency and maximum comfort.

Here are the main features of TAPUCATE 1.5.x:

>> Classes/ Courses

  • Display up to 30 classes / courses
  • Display of classroom information and the number of students per class/course
  • Display of student photos
  • Class lists that directly show the average grades per subject, separately for grades in up to 64 main categories (which can freely be named by the teacher, e.g. tests/ assignments/ participation … and widely configured), as well as the number of grades used for the calculation and the resulting final grade
  • Display of decimal grades as well as selectable grades from a grading system (A+, A, A – …)
  • Display of open entries (eg absences) per student directly in the class overview and direct grading and/or e-mailing with a customizable standard text
  • Class lists show open and waiting reminders for the classes or the students
  • Display notes for each student
  • Several different class list sortings, as well as a sortindex for custom student orders (e.g. seating order)
  • Optional enlarged representation of the grades and labels
  • Through various swipe gestures, the handling is greatly simplified and accelerated
  • Creating a (optional: encrypted) PDF screenshot of the class list is possible

>> Students

  • Display of all contact information for each student / parent / apprenticing company etc.
  • Student overview shows single grades, average grades and finals per subject of the student
  • Display of the average grade of the class/course
  • Display of additional final grade for certain time periods
  • Display a graphical performance chart for each grade category and subcategory (via Extension Pack “EP1”)
  • Display of reminders
  • Display of entries (attendance, forgotten homework, disruptive behaviour …) of the student
  • Birthday list with photos. The birthday list can display the birthdays of up to 4 weeks BEFORE and / or AFTER the present day. This is configurable.
  • Display of the age and present birthday directly in the class overview
  • Directly call one of the contacts entered for the student
  • Directly email a student contact is also possible
  • All student information can be exported and then edited/printed by using spreadsheet programs
  • Creating a (optional: encrypted) PDF screenshot of the student overview with all student data
  • A PDF screenshot of the student list can be sent to a contact by email

>> Note schemes

  • Numerous predefined grading systems
  • Customizable grading systems
  • Optional grading with decimal values is possible
  • Grading system can be set globally or per class
  • Change rounding behaviour of intermediate results (e.g. average grades)
  • Customizable grouping of grades for calculation of intermediate results and final grades. This can also be defined for each class and subject.
  • Set the decimal places for displaying grades

>> Grading

  • Subjects can be chosen from a list of standard subjects or can be entered freely
  • Up to 64 different main grade categories (e.g. oral, written) with any number of subcategories (eg class tests, vocabulary tests, homework) can be freely defined (name, color, weight, …)
  • Grading of individual students directly from the class list, the student overview and also from the seating plan (via Expansion App “ep1”), weighting of each individual grade is possible
  • Serial input for quickly grading a whole class
  • The serial input appears in a chronological list. You can copy, edit and / or delete serial inputs (either only the serial input alone or together with its grades / entries / reminders)
  • Creating a (optional: encrypted) PDF screenshot of a serial input including all grades, notes and entries is possible
  • Weighting of single grades, main grading categories and subcategories of each subject and class/course
  • All grades and grade details can be exported and then be edited/printed using spreadsheet programs

>> Reminder

  • Reminders per Student or Class directly show if you are still waiting for a parents reaction, an improved homework, written excuse, …
  • Display the total number of reminders (class / student reminder) directly in the class overview, divided into „active“ and „overdue“
  • Display all reminders (class / student reminder) with detailed information (title, creation date, due date, description …) in a “Reminder overview” in chronological order
  • You can edit and delete reminder out of this overview. Entries can be automatically set to “completed” after deleting a reminder.
  • All reminders can be exported and edited/printed by using spreadsheet programs

>> student entries

  • By using student entries, teacher can enter additional information such as “absence”, “lack of homework,” capture “missing materials” etc.
  • The teacher can create his own student entry types, even the color of which is customizable
  • Individual entries can be entered with a single Tapp. This works from the class list, from the student overview as well as from the seating plan (via Extension Pack “EP1”).
  • If entries with according remiders are to be entered for a whole class (e.g. Absences, missing homework, etc.), this can quickly and easily be done by using serial inputs
  • All entries can be marked as “Excused / Given later / Done” and will be displayed accordingly in the student overview and summed up per entry type and subject
  • Unexcused entries can optionally be displayed directly in the class list. For the entries displayed this way, you can enter grades, send eMails or mark them as „excused/done“. The same can be done for individual entries in the student overview.

>> Class entries

  • Create class entries for homework, lesson content etc.
  • All class entries are listed chronologically in the lists view. A color coding is possible.
  • Copy, edit and delete class entries directly out of the lists view
  • The teacher can freely define his own class entry types
  • All class entries can be exported and then be edited/printed by using spreadsheet programs

>> Checklists

  • An arbitrary number of checklists can be created for a class
  • The students that should appear in a checklist, can freely be selected
  • A remark can additionally be entered for each of the students
  • All checklists are chronologically listed in the lists view
  • Color-coding of overdue / completed / not completed checklists in the lists view
  • Displays the sum of all complete (checked) and open (not checked) students directly in the lists view
  • Easily edit and delete checklists directly from the lists view
  • Sending emails to contacts (separately for checked/unchecked/all) is possible
  • Creating a (optional: encrypted) PDF screenshot of a checklist is possible

>> Seating Plan (Extension Pack “EP1” has to be be purchased separately)

  • An arbitrary number of seating plans can be created for each class/course
  • Student tiles can be freely positioned
  • Grading directly out of the seating plan
  • Entries can be entered
  • Create and tick ​​off checklists
  • Random selection of students
  • Creating a (optional: encrypted) PDF screenshot of a seating plan is possible
  • Sending an eMails to contacts of selected students

>> Finalize period

  • Finalize-period function using entered start and end dates
  • A period can be finalized separately for each class
  • Grades and entries can (but need not) be removed automatically when finalizing the period. Grades can also be kept and be excluded from further calculations. If the grades are kept, they will be marked with an appropriate status.
  • Grades created by the finalize period function can manually be edited afterwards
  • Display of additional final grades in subsequent periods
  • Deletion of grades of a finalized period can be made undone

>> Data import / data export

  • The teacher can use the import function to import the basic student data and pictures (no grades yet) that might already exist on his PC. Via this CSV Import, data can be read from almost all spreadsheet programms.
  • Using the export functions the teacher is able to further process all data on his PC

>> Security features

  • A backup and restore functionality helps if something happens to the phone (the backup file is stored encrypted, of course!)
  • Manual and automatic data backup in different adjustable intervals
  • Customizable backup directories (optional: copying your backups to cloud storage by using appropriate sync apps)
  • Encrypted backups can be sent via email (e.g. as additional, external backup)
  • Encryption of personal data within the database
  • Password protection for opening TAPUCATE and for creating / restoring backups
  • TAPUCATE doesn’t connect to the internet

>> Help / Support

  • Help for almost all topics directly in the app
  • Comprehensive manual on the web page.
  • Additional information on the Webseite (like FAQs).

TAPUCATE is constantly being improved!

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The teacher app TAPUCATE is THE mobile teacher support system!