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The terms and conditions are relating to all our publications mentioned above.

The provider strives to keep the information in these publications, up to date, correct and complete, but can not assume any responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of these information.
The provider reserves the right to change the content of these publications or to remove them entirely at any time.

The provider can not assume any liability for the contents of external websites that can be reached from these publications. If you discover inappropriate or illegal content, then please inform us by email at the above mentioned address. We will then remove the content in question immediately.

These publications are aimed at a purely informational, non-commercial use. Binding information, in particular about release dates, services and improvements of existing products, can not be derived from the contents of these publications.
All offers are not-binding and without obligation.

The provider accepts, apart from proven intentional or grossly negligent acts, in principle, no liability for damages arising from the use, non-use or inaccuracy of the information provided in these publications.


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The use of these publications is possible without providing personal information. When users enter personal data (e.g. in the form of comments) is that on voluntary basis. Entered data can be stored for further use on the servers of these publications.
It does not store personal data other then data voluntarily provided by the user.

As is common on most websites, data on the number of hits on the individual contents of these publications are stored for security reasons and for statistical analysis. The data thus stored include: the IP address, date / time of access, the address of the forwarding page, information about the contents retrieved, information about the retrieving system (operating system, browser). These data are further processed anonymous and can not be linked to a certain person.

On a users request, the provider will delete any information of this user.

On request, the vendor will provide information about the data stored about a person.

Applicable Law

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