Handbook/ Tutorials

To make the handling of TAPUCATE (formerly AndroClass) as simple and effective as possible, you will find detailed manuals to TAPUCATE and the Extension Pack “EP1”. Alongside explanations the two manuals includes many additional tips and advices.

These documentations will constantly be updated and adjusted as necessary.

Note: The PDF file has a size of about 9 MB. Please download it via WLan. Please note that the download through a wireless carrier without an additional flat can occur costs!

Deckblatt Handbuch AC_englisch

Deckblatt Handbuch EP1

To simplify the import the student data, you can find import files that can be loaded.

You can use the csv-file for basic testing. The Excel/ODF-files are available for an easy further processing.

For further information about the general procedure of importing students please take a look at the detailed description on our web site and later in the TAPUCATE manual.

CSV-Import-File: AC_IMP_Students
Excel-Import-File: AC_IMP_Students
ODF-Import-File: AC_IMP_Students

We would like to ask you again to create data backups regally!

We have devoted a special chapter in the manual about this, please take a look at
Recommended procedure for backups. To prevent data loss, follow these described steps!

Do you have any questions about these or other topics, please contact me via email at