What´s new in AndroClass 1.5.x and “EP1”?

The new AndroClass Version 1.5.x and the extension pack “EP1” are available via Google play.

The update and the new app bring the following improvements:

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→ Seating plan

We’re about to release the first extension pack (EP1) for AndroClass as a separate app that will initially contain a seating plan and a graphical progress chart.

It is also possible to set up several seating plans for each class.

In addition, various functions can be executed:

  • Enter grades
  • Edit checklists
  • Record entries (Single or repeatable entries)


We are going to translate the new handbook for the extension pack (EP1) and it will be finished in a view days … hopefully.


→ List views

The current list can now be chosen from a drop-down menu.

In the List “serials” the color of the selected grade category is displayed.


Serial inputs and class entries can be copied with a LONG TAPP on one serial input/ one class entry to other classes.
Moreover serial inputs and class entries can be opened as a copy.



→ Student overview

Grades and entries can now be added from within the student overview with a tap on the “+” button at the grades-/entries-header.

Grades that are no longer used for the calculation of average and final grades (e.g. because they belong to a finalized period) are displayed pale for greater clarity.

The student overview now shows the individual weight of each category.

With the extension app “EP1” a graphical progress chart of all grades per subject is shown in the student overview.



→ Serial input

The grade distribution diagram is now a bar chart.

A new grading dialog shows a student image and allows you to enter remarks for each individual student.


The new entry input dialog also allows you to enter a remark and a value for these entries and every student.



→ Data export

  • New CSV detail export: Class Entries
  • Filter for classes and dates
  • Detail export student: 2nd and 3rd contact added
  • PDF-Exports: added optional encryption (a password is needed for opening the resulting files)
  • New option in the settings to output the grades with their value instead of their names



→ Backup

Existing backup files of all normal backups (not automatic!) and all database exports are no longer overwritten. The filenames are appended with a timestamp (date_time), like AC_Backup_V17_130405_210401.dat

Restore backup: The backup files for normal backups (non-automatic) and database imports can be selected via a file browser now.



→ Other changes

Entry types Students:

  • New eMail-placeholder for the subject

Student data:

  • New option for the visibility of a student: “Class list and student overview”
  • Student pictures are saved in a higher resolution
  • The format for student names can be chosen in the settings

Enter Entries:

  • Maximum length of remarks is extended from 500 to 2000 characters

Grading categories:

  • Grading categories can now be sorted