Data protection/security


The personal information of your students is highly sensitive data, which needs to be protected from unauthorized access!

Although smartphones and tablets can still be considered as relatively safe (compared to PC´s), the data needs to be secured very well, because of a possible loss of the device alone.

Just protecting the app with a password is really not enough! If malicious software gets on your device it usually already has extended rights – that means, malware could potentially get access to any database of any app! That´s the reason, why it is absolutely necessary to strongly encrypt all personal data inside the database as well as the backup files!

During the development of TAPUCATE (formerly AndroClass) we spend a lot of time to integrate security measures for protecting your data and the data of your students! Don´t trust apps that saved these efforts at the expense of security!

TAPUCATE offers the following data protection features:

  • Encryption of all data containing personal information in the database
  • Full Encryption of all backups (for safe storage and transportation of data via USB-stick, eMail, …)
  • Password security (flexibly adjustable)
  • The TAPUCATE encryption method protects all data in a highly secure and unbreakable way that would also meet military requirements!
  • TAPUCATE doesn’t connect to the Internet!! (Note: the license check is started by TAPUCATE, but will be executed by the Google play-app. This connection is strongly bound to the license check an can´t be used for other purposes.)
  • TAPUCATE also doesn´t communicate over other connections as well (e.g. each email has to be confirmed by the user!)
  • TAPUCATE requests almost no permissions! TAPUCATE requests NO permissions e.g. for internet connections, connections to other networks, accessing your contacts …!

Important note: 

TAPUCATE processes sensitive personal data. Please inform yourself about the data protection laws that are applicable in your country/state! Make sure to process and store only such data, that your are allowed to process and store! Please use all available safety measures (password, lock pattern etc.) of your device!

Using apps, that have NO password protection AND no comprehensive encryption must be considered grossly negligent!
TAPUCATE also offers the following data security features:

  • Manual backup and automatic backup (backup interval can be specified)
  • Specification of different backup folders for manual and automatic backup
  • Backup files/automatic backup files can additionally be send to a customizable email-address
  • Backwards compatibility: You can still restore all data backups created with any of the former TAPUCATE versions!

Important note: 

TAPUCATE has a Backup-Functionality, which saves all data encrypted to a file on the SD-card. Please create backups of your data frequently !!! Please do also use the export functions frequently for additionally securing your data, even if this exported data can not be used to restore the database! With copies of the exported data on your PC, you’ll have your data in text form, just in case something goes wrong! Please note that despite of all care taken, errors in the database and backup functions cannot be fully excluded! It is possible, that due to forgotten or wrongly entered passwords, software errors or incompatibilities, backup files can not be restored!


TAPUCATE is constantly being improved!

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