How can I add classes / students?

You add classes by using the “Add class” function from the menu or ActionBar. You can add students by long pressing a class and choosing “New Student” from the appearing context menu.

How can I add my own subjects?

Choose “Add custom subject” from the menu in the class input page. The new subject will be added to the list of subjects and automatically selected for the class.

How can I use percentage grades from 0 to 100?

You can use decimal input instead of the grade selection dialog.
Just go to your categories


and switch on the “Dec.Grd.” option for each of the category/subject/class combinations. After that, you’ll get a numerical input dialog.

How can I set up terms or semesters?

At the end of a semester you can use the “Finalize Period” function to calculate the final grade for that semester automatically for all the students/classes/subjects. You can provide a description like “1.Sem” for it. You can additionally decide to remove the semester’s grades from calculation.
The semester’s final grade will appear in the student overviews. You can change the final grade, if you decide the student should get a higher/lower grade than the calculated one.

A second possibility is that you create categories for the semester. Let’s say you have a category “HW” for homework. You could split it into “HW 1.Sem” and “HW 2.Sem”. That way you can still see the averages from the last semester.
Or you could have a main-Category “1.Sem” and a subcategory “HW”. Or a main-Category “HW” with subcategories “1.Sem” and “2.Sem”.
AndroClass is very flexible in this aspekt. What the best solution is depends on what exactly you want to achieve. I’m afraid you’ll have to play with it for a while to find the best way for your purposes.

What’s the difference between student- and class-entrytypes?

Typical Student-Entrytypes are “Absence”, “Forgotten Homework”, “Disruptive Behaviour” …

Typical Class-Entrytypes are “Lesson Content”, “Homework”, …

The entries entered for each of the student entrytypes describe behaviour or other things CONCERNING A SINGLE STUDENT.

The entries entered for each of the class entrytypes describe things CONCERNING THE WHOLE CLASS, like recording lesson content.

How you use this is completely up to you!

What does the “Finalize Period” function do?

“Finalize Period” currently does two things for a freely definable time period:
First, you can create new final grades for alle the subjects, that consider all grades entered in the given period. The new final grades show up in the student overview and can be changed manually.

Second, you can remove data, that you don’t need any longer.
And grades can just be removed from calculation, but kept for the student overview.

“Finalize Period” can be used repeatedly for the same time period.
Let’s say, if you first created the final grades without removing the used grades from calculation, you can use the function again just for removing the grades (without creating another final). And then at the end of the schoolyear you use it for the complete year to remove all the entered data in order to prepare your classes for the next schoolyear (after creating and saving a backup as an archive for the last year!).

How can I prepare my data for the next school year?

The change to the next school year is intended as follows:

1) Create a Backup of the data of the last school year, name it accordingly and copy it to a secure place. We will integrate a functionality in AndroClass for quickly selecting and showing this archived data, soon.

2) Use the “Finalized Period” function to delete old Marks, Student Entries, Class Entries, Serial Inputs and Period Marks.

3) Create your new classes/courses or ADAPT EXISTING ONES

4) Add new students or assign existing students to other classes (if needed)

5) Delete classes/courses and students which you don’t need anymore

The grading system I need isn’t in the list of  predefined grading systems!?

You have two options:

1) You would like to enter the grades by their names, each representing a certain  decimal value and your system contains a maximum of 60 different grades. In order to do that, you need to define this grading system yourself (if it is not already provided in the list of grading systems).

Just go to:
Menu -> Grading Systems
Simply choose one of the existing systems (e.g. 1-6 or User defined).
In the appearing mask you can enter the mark names e.g. A+, B, … and assign them their decimal values.
Start in the first line with e.g. A+ and 1.
Remove all the entries which you don’t need.
Restart AndroClass (a REAL restart, not just leaving and going back!)
Select the grading system you changed (e.g. 1-6, you can’t change it’s name) for your classes.

2) You want to enter grades as numerical values (e.g. percentage values).
See the answer to the Question “How can I use percentage grades from 0 to 100?” above.